One of the first things to decide on when searching for your newborn photographer is whether you want a posed studio session or an in-home lifestyle newborn session. Lifestyle newborn sessions capture those natural and authentic moments that not only tell a story but bring back all those feelings that portraits alone do not. Below I’m sharing 5 reasons to consider having an in-home lifestyle newborn session.Seattle Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

  1. Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on telling your story in a natural and comfortable setting. It brings a truer feeling to what it’s like to have a newborn baby. Your baby will spend hours and hours snuggled in your arms and having those moments captured will bring back all of those feelings again and again as the years go by.
  2. Your home makes a perfect backdrop and those images are authentic to you. Most days with a newborn are spend at home and those cuddles on the couch and snuggles on the rocking chair are all a part of your family’s story.
  3. You don’t have to pack your whole family to go to a studio and by having your session at home you can avoid unnecessary trips and exposures.
  4. Older siblings feel comfortable because they are in their own space. There is no pressure on the siblings to pose a certain way, instead they get to cuddle on their couch or show their favorite toys.
  5. If you have pets they can be easily included in your session. Newborn session at home gives the perfect opportunity to capture precious images including all of your family members. 

I hope that you will find these helpful when deciding if an in-home lifestyle newborn session is the right choice for you. If you had an in-home lifestyle session in the past I would love if you could leave me a comment below and tell me what you loved most about it.


Hi, I’m Agnieszka! I’m a lifestyle newborn, fresh 48 and maternity photographer in the Seattle area. I strive to document families in a natural settings and love capturing the raw and pure emotions. Click here to learn more about my service and here to contact me.